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In Spring 2011,

ICSS INDIA Innovated, and changed the way people did marketing by launching India’s 1st Cyber Security Courses, Digital Marketing Training Program.
Today after 4+ years & 2657+ success stories

In Spring 2018,

We brain-stormed!
We spoke to our trainees!
We discussed!
We welcomed FEEDBACKS!

The outcome-

& curated something Exceptionally Excellent, Something that, INDIA hasn't witnessed before, ICSS India proudly announces...

an exclusive Quadripartite (4 in 1) program. A training program where you learn from-

  • Expert Hackers
  • Expert Ethical Hackers
CHFI, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator

Course Description :

What CHFI Certification Course mainly does, is to polish the knowledge of the professionals working with IT Companies in identifying evolutionary hacking attacks. Prime objective of this course is to prepare the professionals in building shields to protect their organization from impending Cyber Attack. A candidate persuing his/her CHFI tune-up course learn not only about Penetration Testing Methodologies to understand Computer Investigation, but also get trained in Digital Forensics Technologies. Computer Forensics enters when corporate organizations face incidents related with continuous fraud through unethical cyber hacking. And the reputation of any company falls down overnight if the news of such crimes goes out. The customers thus, start to distrust the company and withdraws themselves from their hold. And this all is happening despite the advancement we have bilt up in Digital World. So basically to find the traces of the crime Computer Forensics is used; who did the crime, how and from where the atrocities were conducted, what was the gravity of the attack, etc. Therefore, computer forensics has become vital in our Modern Times for better sustenance. Computer Forensics is not limited to Cyber Crimes, but is also useful in solving Cyber Terrorism, extortion, online robbery, etc. This CCFI Course can avail corporates in developing in-house forensic capability to deal with forensic cases.


• Practical live hacking.
• Certification Exam Fees Included.
• Our practicals & Theory Ratio will be 6:4.
• Head-2-Head training by Certified Subject matter experts.
• The professionals can validate their potentials of being an expert in security systems.
• The course tools and programs are included in your fee that saves productive time and cost.
• A CCFI is always in demand by government organizations, private firms, banks, financial institutions, military establishments, etc.
• Training under the interactive and lab intensive environment equips the professionals with in-depth knowledge, practical experience of network security and exposure to latest hacking technologies.

Course Outline

CHFI Modules, Certified Secure Computer User
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